Papél New York



Autumn is my favorite season for many reasons: the leaves changing color, all foods pumpkin, scarves, hot chocolate, oh, and saying goodbye to heat & humidity [insert vigorous hand waving, here]. However, it also means the start of a long gift-giving season. For whatever reason, most of my family members and closest friends were born between September and January, which basically means I’m way behind in my gift/ card finding, purchasing, & sending process.

Disclaimer: I am a huge typography junkie and very easily distracted by pretty stationery – especially if it looks handmade. I also love personally homemade cards…. and ribbon, stamps, pens that just glide across paper…

After a little research, I came up with a list of what seemed to be the best of the best in the Big Apple. A 45 minute train ride from the UES to Borough Hall and a short walk later -with perhaps a few stops in some pretty boutiques along the way – and HELLO, HEAVEN. Let me also just say that this area of the city is so pretty in the Fall – surrounded by so many reds and golds.

Located on a relatively quiet section of Court Street, Papél New York is all you want in a posh paperie. I walked into a quaint little shop and felt right at home. As soon as you enter, cards line the walls on either side sectioned off by greeting type. The deeper you get, it’s easy to get overwhelmed (in a good way, trust me) with all they have to offer: beautiful planners, various printed wrapping paper, buckets of ribbon & string, photo albums, etc.

I planned on walking out with a few birthday cards, but ended up chatting with the lady behind the register and rummaging for a solid hour or so, making sure I explored every nook and cranny – which wasn’t relatively difficult to do. The friendly staff made me feel very comfortable looking around, and even gave me suggestions for more things to do/ places to go in Cobble Hill. I even learned that the owner of the store was from San Francisco (Bay Area #standup).

Although I only left with pre-made cards and a few extra trinkets, it’s important to note that the store offers personalized options for all occasions – and just like my experience, I’m sure they’re quite lovely.
225 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 422-0255


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