Promenade: Winter



Promenade_WinterThis one is for those days when the view in Central Park doesn’t quite make the cut (or even for the days when it does). For as little as I’ve ventured out to the artsy borough, DUMBO – “Down Under the Brooklyn Overpass” – is the one area I’ve frequented most in Brooklyn. (Two words: Grimaldi’s Pizzeria. Look it up. You won’t be sorry.) Until now, my general idea of Brooklyn has been associated with delicious pizza and good friends, so when I heard about “the Promenade,” I knew I had to go and see what all the fuss was about.

Because I decided to see the sights on literally the coldest day of winter thus far – a high of 25 in the middle of November !? I know, I had no idea what I was thinking; and so, my visit lasted a bitterly cold, yet beautiful two nanoseconds. To make this adventure even more exciting, once I got off the train, I got lost. That being said, I definitely didn’t mind whatsoever. Especially when you are greeted with art like this! It was – painted, spray painted?, drawn? – on the wall of an abandoned lot area, and far too gorgeous for me to not stop and snap a photo.

If anyone has an easier way to get to the Promenade, please let me know.


After taking possibly the worst/ longest way to get there, when I found it, I knew the route was worth every freezing second. Located near Brooklyn Bridge, the Promenade is reminiscent of a boardwalk looking out over the East River. What has been said to be a historical hot spot for tourists, lovers, and Brooklyn inhabitants alike in the warm months, it lives up to the hype even when barren in the winter. Although the piers and surrounding areas were not as idyllic-looking as I’m sure they are in the summer, the view out into the water was breathtaking on this brisk, sunny afternoon.


While most enjoy walking the Promenade’s 1/3 mile length, there are clusters of wooden benches that run parallel all the way down for you to sit and just take it all in. Straight across the water is a really incredible view of the Manhattan skyline. To your right, you can see the American flag waving at the top of the bridge; and to your left, if you squint hard enough past the sun’s rays you can see the stoic Lady Liberty, herself.

As if the view wasn’t enough, I guess you know you’re really in Brooklyn when you’re not only surrounded by charming scenery, but pieces of art as well. I was being honest when I said I barely spent a moment here, but it seems a moment was more than enough. They say you fall in love at first sight, right? I can ONLY imagine what this beautiful space looks like when it’s warmer out!

Stay tuned for Promenade: Spring!



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