London: familiarizing the foreign.


London Eye!


This is essentially a dream come true. For those of you who are unaware, i have been lusting for London since I was 10. After landing at Heathrow at 645 GBT, I opted for the Tube (vs. cab) to get to my apartment. Let me just say that the Tube ROCKS – it’s so cute and little and clean and extremely easy to adapt to. Nonetheless, perhaps my knowledge of NYC’s transit system helped, but if London can keep their public transit system as polished as it is, we should be able to. #letsstartamovement



Single room at The Boltons

A fairly easy ride on the Piccadilly line from LHR to Earls Court, and a quick turn onto Penwern and we have arrived, ladies & gents! For those of you traveling alone, the Best Western The Boltons Hotel is quite fab. Not overpriced, and if you book early enough, you can tack on free breakfast to your price! (Think: eggs – hardboiled, fried, & scrambled, beans, tomatoes, sausages, ham, hashbrowns, yogurt, pastries, cereal, aka the works!) Mine even smiled at me!! *I did not set my food up this way


My happy English breakfast!

Met up with my sister’s boytoy and he gave me an amazing first day! We tried to keep me awake so that I could avoid jetlag (can’t say we didn’t try…) I can’t even remember all the places we went, but we walked around South Bank, where some locals were celebrating refugee week with cultural music and different food tents and art! We walked through this cool display that allowed visitors to see a typical African hut, and after a short pathway, you got to see an upgraded layout post-help from this society (#socool), ate some Wahaca cactus tacos for lunch:


Cactus tacos from Wahaca

& signed a petition to save the artwork of the skatepark:


South Bank Skatepark

I also got to start familiarizing myself with Hyde Park, where we encountered some ducks and some folks rallying for Islamic beliefs. I tasted my first flat white at New Row coffee (and by tasted, I literally mean took a sip of Q’s drink), attempted to shop at Top Shop, sampled EVERY crisp, biscuit/ digestive, and chocolate (dark only) at the East India Tea Company. (Travel tip: if you’re in London, you MUST go here. They have literally EVERYTHING in bowls for you to taste. Great for gifts and/ or hunger levels.)

The night was polished off with Tube ride to Angel, for some sweet – or spicy, rather – Indian NOMS at Spices! If you don’t know me or Q, we like the foods. If you really don’t know me, I have dragon mouth, aka the hotter the better { insert flame emoji here }. We loaded up our table with papadoums, chicken samosas, dal saag (read, lentils and spinach), goat curry, tandoori roti, & garlic chili naan:


Appetizers: chicken samosas & lamb


Dal Saag


Goat Curry


Garlic & chili naan (amazing!)

Only 2115 GBT? Past my bedtime by 24 hours. With a happy heart & full belly, I PASSED OUT.

– – –


My first day of work was rudely begun with a horrendous alarm … that I pressed snooze twice for. The commute is as follows: tube to train to bridge to secret garden to boatyard and up one flight. I can proudly say I did the whole thing without asking anyone for help! Okay…maybe I asked some woman how to get through the boatyard, but in my defense, there was a giant yellow caution sticker on the door/ gate. I was NOT in the mood to be blown up. I’m pretty much in love with our UK team. They are just so easygoing, friendly, and HILARIOUS. I spend half the day giggling!

After running out at 1730 GBT to avoid being swallowed up by the high tide – oh, I kid you not – I ran home and stopped at this little hole in the wall on Earls Court Road called Kings Mediterranean. A chicken shish kebab & medium salad for only £8.50! Another little travel tip if you’re staying in EC and want to indulge but not break the bank. (Note: credit cards are accepted, for an extra 50p.)


Chicken shish kebab & medium salad from Kings.

All in all, a solid first couple of days. Be on the lookout for Days 3 & 4!

Cheers, xx


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