London III: blending in.

My first London Pride!

My first London Pride!



It’s crazy how fast this week has flown by and how quickly I adapted to the time zone/ created a routine here! Hopefully I’ve lost my dewey tourist look and am actually as blended in as I think I am (read: my tired eyes should scream #workweek). Still, the best work week EVER – to quote my younger-but-wiser sister on being tired “you’ll sleep when you’re dead.” Onward. I guess this is a good time as any to show you how to get to the UK office 🙂 Step one: walk from the train, down the main road, and end up at the foot of the bridge.

Bridge to Eel Pie Island

THE bridge to Eel Pie Island

Step two: cross the bridge (when the tide is not high! haha)

Over the bridge

over the bridge

Step three: Walk through the secret garden

welcome to Eel Pie Island

welcome to Eel Pie Island

Then you make your way through a boatyard, up a few flights of stairs, and WE HAVE ARRIVED. If there’s one thing I love about my trip so far, it’s the amount of truly fantastic graffiti I’ve come across. There’s something about it here that screams lost culture – ESPECIALLY on the boats and the wooden planks all over the place. Lovely commute, right? The cool breeze and soft murmurs of residences waking up in the morning are so calming – not to mention there are hardly any humans to run into (unlike Times Squre #vom).

Lunch at The White Swan with my UK colleagues :)

Lunch at The White Swan with my UK colleagues 🙂

After a relatively busy morning, I went out to lunch with the office folk – we decided on the CUTEST little local pub (yes, I realize that sounds odd: cute + pub) called The White Swan. Despite it being so late in the week, it was really nice to be out of the office with everyone and have the chance to connect in a more personable manner. Great food also helps to ease any awkward tension. I ordered a panko-crusted chicken breast “burger” with jalapenos + chips, and a sparkling water. Almost everyone else ordered fish and chips. I WISH I would’ve taken a picture of someone’s plate because the cod they use here is M A S S I V E. Bigger-than-the-plate massive! The picture doesn’t do it justice, but maybe you can get an idea.

panko breaded chicken burger + chips at The White Swan in Twickenham.

panko breaded chicken burger + chips at The White Swan

You know, I’ve had moments throughout this week where I realize what a complete blessing this whole trip is – and being able to watch England vs. Uruguay (despite the outcome) WHILE I’m in England was by far one of the better ones. How cool is that, though? Honestly! After work, I met up with two of my coworkers at a pub called The Cabbage Patch – known of being a rugby pub – to watch the game and throw a few back. From inhaling my first London Pride to getting a Full Brazilian, it almost made up for the painful final score.

The burger menu at The Cabbage Patch for the World Cup

The burger menu at The Cabbage Patch for the World Cup

When in the UK, do as they do #GoEngland

When in the UK, do as they do #GoEngland


So, here I am… at work for the last time before embarking on what I hope to be my most epic adventure thus far. It seems like it’s going to be a quiet one today guys. A little overcast, serene, and relaxing before this little jetsetter crosses another body of water. From the Guinness Storehouse to Trinity College to frolicking around Stephen’s Green to Cliffs of Moher – I think it’s about time I find love in a hopeless place let my hair down and get lost, don’t you? { I wonder how the Irish sign off } Cheers! xx

* Update: I’m not sure if I’m one for signs or destiny or whatever – but a few days ago, I lost one of my rings (a thin gold band with a gold heart from Aerie). I was really upset because I wear it all the time, and couldn’t remember when I had misplaced it. Just went to the office complex’s bathroom (or loo, washroom, changing room, whatever) AND SOMEONE FOUND IT AND LEFT IT FOR ME. Is this a sign? #islovecoming


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