Dub for Dublin.



In an attempt to explain how big of a dream come true this is…… I recorded the plane touching down on Irish soil last night. [ Will figure out how to upload it here ] You know how they say you’ll find the kindest people in Ireland? Without skipping a beat, an older gentleman – who had helped me stuff my duffel into the overhead – immediately grabbed my bag down for me when space cleared up. So many emoji heart eyes, so little time. Hailed a cab to the city center, and after a quick check in at Barnacles Temple Bar Hostel, I met the roommates I would have for five hours. India, Sophie, Chad & Callum from Australia, and Angie from Chicago – all of whom had plans to peace out by 7AM. I was already so torn on how to spend my Friday night! After waking up at 530 to pack up out of London, arriving in Dublin at 2300 was not the biz. Then again, I was in Dublin. Dublin, IRELAND. I had to, right? 20140623-001306-786704.jpg I sort of wish I was lying, but I legitimately walked next door to Temple Bar in the clothes I wore on the plane. Beelining for the bar, I ordered a Guinness Black Currant — heavily suggested by my Ukrainian taxi driver. Despite plans for a casual evening listening to the live band, along came Raj, the – although nice – boy who would lean in so close to talk to me his face touched mine. I had made a friend. Let’s just say he ended the night pissed that I wouldn’t go out/ home with him. #byedude I don’t know you. Follow that with a really shitty night of sleep, but my skyrocketing happiness showed no signs of slowing down. —


Alright Dublin, show me whatcha got. Attempted breakfast at the hostel – for those of you staying at Barnacles Temple Bar, breakfast = toast, juice, tea, and coffee. I thought the reviews were just harsh. I guess the truth is harsh. A formal review of my accommodations will follow this trip. Be on the lookout. So I wandered out and made my way to O’Connell St., bought a ticket for the hop on, hop off bus. New travelers to Dublin, DO THIS. €17 student/ 19€ adult tickets and for two days, Dublin city center is at your fingertips. The whole bus tour takes ~105 min, but I treated it like a typical bus service with an “unlimited” bus card. Buses show up at each of their 23 stations every 10-15 mins. Great deal? FABULOUS DEAL. 20140623-003109-1869573.jpg 20140623-003610-2170381.jpg 20140623-003842-2322463.jpg First stop, a silent tour around gorgeous Trinity College – sadly did not see the Book of Kells since the line was massive. I wonder what it’s like when students are running around. Two guys were playing tennis on their courts, a few tourists were sunbathing on the rugby field (unclear if this is allowed), some elderly men enjoying each other’s company on scattered benches throughout campus… calming way to start my morning exploring. Hopped on the bus to Merrion Square. Side story: near my apartment in New York is a dive bar called Merrion Square – which the roomie and I enjoy the “buy a beer, get a free burger” deal, so I thought it only fair I pay respect to the original MS. 20140623-141056-51056480.jpg 20140623-141055-51055883.jpg 20140623-141057-51057066.jpg The park was a little barren in visitors, but so green and lush! There were pretty art sculptures/ pieces around the park, which is really cool. A quick – but long enough for me to eat my orange – walk through and I attempted to find the bus again. Instead of using the map, I found my way to Saint Stephens Green, the Central Park or Hyde Park of Dublin, if you will. From Saint Stephens, I found my way to Grafton Street, where I stumbled upon my highly prioritized goal of Murphy’s ice cream.
When asked if I wanted to try any flavors, I half genuinely half sarcastically replied, “all of them,” assuming this could not be. Five minutes later, all flavors – save the sorbets – had been tasted, five minutes later I was a VERY happy yet indecisive little girl. I opted for a small cup with Irish Coffee (+whiskey) and Irish toasted oats. Had I been lucky enough to have freezer access, Murphy pints would have been my meal choice for the duration of my stay. I enjoyed some more time on the tour bus, passing Christ Church, the Guinness Storehouse, and Kilmainham Gaol before venturing into the Jameson Distillery (€14 adult admission). With a 50 minute wait, I had a little lunch at the restaurant upstairs. Albeit more expensive than i would have preferred to pay (prawn wrap, side salad, + crisps for €6.25), I didn’t want to consume my free whiskey on an empty stomach. Toast from 830AM was not going to suffice. Lunch was also quite yummy! 20140623-141725-51445533.jpg Let me just say the Jameson tour is worth every penny. Our guide was incredibly charming, informative, and really funny. The free Jameson at the end is also nice 🙂 20140623-141905-51545867.jpg 20140623-142052-51652056.jpg 20140623-142052-51652598.jpg 20140623-142818-52098765.jpg It’s roughly 1630, and exhaustion is creeping up on me, so I head back to the hostel for a nap and realize my five new roommates had the same idea. I learn later that they’re all high school friends who just graduated from various colleges in the Northeast, enjoying a trip through the Eastern part of the world together. They had just flown in from Budapest. Also to my surprise, Angie – a roommate from the night before – was headed back to Dublin due to travel snafus. Read: I had a friend!! ! Thankfully we had exchanged numbers before she left. We ended up meeting for dinner at this cute vegetarian restaurant, Cornucopia, which happened to be right across the street from Murphy’s. I got a triple salad combo and some spelt bread – so tasty!!!! 20140623-143347-52427880.jpg Angie previously studied abroad in Dublin, so the once-local led the reins to several bars throughout the night, when we ended up at Whelans. For those P.S. I Love You fans out there… this is the bar. THE bar. That bar. I might have had tears in my eyes (read: totes did. Duh) 20140623-143648-52608505.jpg xx


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