Doing as tourists do.



Still no sleep, but somehow finding energy to be alive in this city!

Woke up and wandered around the quiet cobbled streets until I came across Mes Amis for a light breakfast of poached eggs and toast, while doing a little bit of writing. Strong amerciano = necessary. Naive – or really just stupid – it was time for the infamous Guinness tour.


At the end of the day, I much preferred my experience at Jameson. While it is nice that Guinness gives you free reign throughout its Storehouse for as long as you’d like, I enjoyed the extra character of the other tour via our guide. Then again, maybe it’s because at this point, I had acquired a general idea of how to the process goes, thus the day seemed a tad repetitive. Or maybe it’s because I was forced to entertain myself for a few hours 🙂

THAT BEING SAID, the Storehouse is still really, really cool. The displays and layout of the self-guided walk are quite innovative & sleek. It’s crazy to think that they brew over 3 million pints a day. Or that one man came up with the the perfect method.

My favorite part of the tour was watching a ~7 minute video on how beer barrels are created. Pre-technology era, the time, effort, PRECISION, and skill that goes into making just ONE barrel is INCREDIBLE!




I also enjoyed their Tasting Room – where you become enlightened on the different elements of the beer (malted barley, hops, etc.) and how each gives Guinness one of its particular tastes (chocolate, orange zest, etc.); and you were shown how to “properly” consume your pint. Now, while I don’t foresee myself having my elbow cocked at a 90 degree angle to toss my head back and orgasmically savor each flavor, it was fun while it lasted 🙂 Plus, a shot of the black stuff was perfection.

Some other fun tidbits/ experiences I can remember:
– Arthur Guinness and his wife has 21 children…aka Mrs. Guinness was pregnant for 16 years of her lifetime…. H O L Y
– Guinness ads started in 1929, and I have to say, they keep getting cooler & cooler (I believe their pelican one – carrying several bottles in its beak – was in the 40/50s and had to be changed to the toucan because it seemed like he was promoting alcoholism. #fantastic)
– Learning to pour the perfect pint is truly an art (read: mental note to learn)

OH! The GRAVITY BAR at Guinness is worth the entire ticket – where you receive a free pint (easily the most amazing one I’ve ever had) and you are standing in a circular room, with a fantastic, panoramic view of Dublin. (Definitely savored all the Guinness elements here, sans cocked elbow.)

Further depleting my bank account at the retail shop, I made my way back to the hostel to meet up with Angie for some afternoon fun! A little shopping around Grafton Street, frolicking around St. Stephens; but a gorgeous summer afternoon in Dublin would not be perfect without – you guessed it – A MURPHY’S CONE (rum &raisin + kieran’s cookies)



As the sun was setting, it finally hit me that my stay was coming to a bittersweet end. Despite Dublin’s colors, lights, and engaging atmosphere, I had a feeling Galway was going to be something really special.

Angie and I decided on this hipster cafe I found on Yelp, Skinflint, for dinner, where we shared their mushroom, fennel, spinach salad and a chorizo flatbread pizza. Adorable ambiance and decor – OUR TABLE WAS A DOOR!



The night ended with wine, and USA vs. Portugal. I think that’s all that needs to be said.

Thank you, Dublin, for being such a gracious host.



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