Galway girl: in real life.


Well, I took a stroll on the old long walk of a day -i-ay-i-ay.

I’m probably making this up, but even the air getting off the bus smelled of belonging. If you haven’t perused my last post, getting out of Dublin and watching the countryside through the bus windows felt right. It was as if things were settling into place.

Took me a while to figure out where I was/ going, but eventually made it to Kinlay Hostel. (Okay, I know I said I would write full reviews about my hostels, but let me just say THIS IS THE BEST ONE. Don’t second guess what I’m saying and book your stay here. s/o to you, DKeane – thank GOD for your recommendation.) Walked into my new room to meet my new roommate, Charlie from Mississippi. I think I’ve been pretty lucky when it comes to hostel roomies/ friends. Charlie and I hit it off right away — and so, my first night in Galway consisted of an identical dinner of grilled salmon with hummus over a bed of greens + chips from The Cellar, pints of Smithwick’s, & a live Irish trio at Garvey’s bar.


Galway, you’ve completely stolen my heart. xx


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