Chasing the sun.

Exactly 365 days ago, my cousins Chi Tam and Pratap had taken what appeared to be a seemingly impromptu trip from Baltimore and Boston, respectively, to visit me for a night. “We’re just passing through,” they said. “Could we crash on your couch?”

I remember leaving work that afternoon, relishing the idea of seeing family (and eating with them) that night, as I took the BDFM line to meet Hils in Central Park for the 2013 Undie Run. I remember the evening run being really muggy, going from insanely humid to sticky rain. I remember wanting desperately to wear my sequined cheeksters… and that they cut my legs (#fashionispain, they say). I remember Chi Tam and Pratap being late because of the rain. I remember Stef calling the second they got in, to tell me the news.

I’ve spent the last 365 days trying desperately to emulate Uncle Stephen’s way of life: life is meant to be lived and lived to the fullest. Life should be spent chasing after the sun. As with most resolutions, it looks like I took care of that one in the last three weeks. I was only blessed with 23 years of knowing him, but it was more than enough time to be loved and taught lessons that will last me forever.


Chu Hung, I know you’re kicking it up there with little ol’ Rocky and having a great time!  I hope that your version of heaven is overflowing with hundreds of rounds of golf, a never ending pint of your favorite beer, and filled with all of our love from down here. Miss you more than you even know (and you know I really mean just your grilling skillz). Take care of yourself. Love, Ti




In honor of Rocky, who passed three months after Uncle Stephen, I invite you to also donate to the ASPCA!


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