Grass roots: Union Square Greenmarket



For a person who stresses out easily, I guess it’s pretty ironic that two of my favorite “chores” are baking & grocery shopping. Especially grocery shopping. Give me a hipster canvas bag and toss me in the middle of a farmers’ market in the middle of Saturday morning and bbygrl is literally on C L O U D N I N E. Times infinity.

Going to school in the Bronx/ Riverdale made the 228 street travel route crosstown less than convenient, and after all those years, my idea of “farmers’ market” consisted of 234th’s Garden Gourmet…and frozen organic vegetables from Stop N Shop…HA

Two Saturdays prior, I had my long gym/ spin sesh planned for the AM, with an entire afternoon free of plans (and humidity so obviously staying at home was NOT an option). A little Googling here and there, seconds to fashion a makeshift produce list, and a shower somewhere in between, and I find myself on Cloud Nine.

The Union Square Greenmarket is open M, W, F, and Sat from 8-6, so no worries if Saturday morning groceries aint ya thang. Click here for a little history read, list of farmers, and upcoming events.

A list of my favorite stands:
SSO Farm (produce): see featured image + potatoes. Kale for 2$ for a bunch (see definition above) !? AKA dirt cheap produce. Pun intended.

Ardith Mae (goat cheese): TRY the peppercorn goat cheese!

Hawthorne Valley (bakery): their sourdough roles? Their sourdough rolls…

Tonjes Dairy: 3$ tub of fresh ricotta and 9$ per pound of fresh mozzarella. Trust me on this.

Berkshire Berries (jams & jellies): their raspberry jam is bomb dot com. AND they give you samples!

…the list ends here because I haven’t tasted everything yet

If I had to critique, my only ‘criticism’ would definitely be a request for more fruit stands… and samples 😀

I also haven’t bought any flowers yet, but I might start buying myself a bouquet a week. Guys, if you’re heading out on a date or want to tell her hello, try these:


Honestly, if you’re looking for good/ cheap produce, check out SSO Farm. I left with a bunch (read, a ginormous fistful that was 3x the size of my head) of kale, a bunch of radish, scallions, 3 apples, 3 sourdough rolls for 10$ ! Lasted me the entire week! In fact, the kale stems were so big and full, I ended up buying basil last Saturday to make my own kale pesto:


Toss on some ricotta from Tonjes Dairy and [ insert emoji heart eyes here ] #itsmagic. I mixed it with slow cooked chicken for lunch! And a farmers’ market dinner is not half bad (if you also love cooking!!!):


Any favorite markets? Recipes?


Union Square Greenmarket
Union Square Park


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