Galway Gifts!


For those of you unfamiliar with my last night in Galway/ Ireland, here’s the abridged version:

I befriended a lovely woman named Veronica — “Vee,” from here on out. Her fiancé Reece was part of the live music at Tig Coili that night, and we bonded over Irish music, Guinnesses, and love stories. I even gave in and threw down 10€ for a CD.

Before the night ended, we exchanged emails, in hopes of keeping this fleeting friendship alive overseas. (I know. What ARE the odds, right?) I went back to the hostel and wrote her immediately, silently praying that the next morning – let alone, at all – that she would still remember me.

Prior to stepping foot back on U.S. soil, she had written me back and even added me on Google+ ! For someone who is clearly technologically naive, I was essentially floored. She asked me for a mailing address – to send me a copy of Reece’s old band.

I realize now that maybe giving a complete stranger my address is really whack (not to mention potentially dangerous)… but am I EVER glad I did it!

A few email exchanges and I stopped hearing from her. Work life got really hectic, and frolicking around Ireland became what was already a lost memory. Then I come home to an oddly wrapped package, with my name largely written in blue ink.

I kid you not, my heart stopped.

It took me nearly an hour to open it because I was not only so excited, but so incredibly touched! When I finally got around to peeling the wrapping off, I could barely handle that a letter was included: charmingly penned on an envelope 🙂 .

In a few short words, it is confirmed she is a kindred spirit, asking me about work, and whether or not I had the chance since I’ve been back to pick up playing the piano again! How she remembered that over beers and a loud bouzouki, I have no clue. I listened to the whole CD for “that Irish music you love so much. Now you can dance in your New York apt!!, thankful for Vee, her kindness, and Reece’s talent.

Friends all over the world. Now how about that !?



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