UES Gems: Kinsale Tavern



KinsaleTavern_1 Ever since the roomie & I moved out of Riverdale the Bronx, into East Harlem/ UES, we’ve noticed that the ‘nabe doesn’t seem to strike locals or tourists with the same vigor like its downtown counterpart, or Hoboken for that matter.

Despite numerous arguments to defend where we live, getting friends to visit can officially be equated to pulling teeth. I decided recently that for the remainder of my stay in this up-and-coming section of the city, I’m going to play my part of loyal community resident and shed some light on some of the area’s best kept secrets. So, I present to you #UESGems.

When we settled into our current apartment about a year and a half ago, finding our “go-to bar” was appropriately at the top of our priority list. This is usually was accomplished by walking into the first non-creepy one we see. And with an Irish flag hanging proudly above the Kinsale Tavern sign, I was obviously convinced. (Knowing it’s named after a town located in the southwest coast of Ireland, you know that I am actually really sold.)

Did you know that you can get a Standard Irish Pint (read, 20 oz.) for 6$ – any day of the week? And this isn’t their happy hour price? DID YOU KNOW? (And, if you’re into the cheap goods, like yours truly, you can throw down 3.50$ for that same glass filled with icy, cold, delicious Miller Lite.) Pair it with a basket of their onion rings (that is also super wallet-friendly) and football on TV (or soccer, or tennis, or even Gaelic football) and this little pub becomes an even better steal. For all you sports fans in the area (or not!) – it’s definitely a great place to enjoy the big game with your friends. The giant TVs around the bar helps 🙂

PS – a slight word of warning (for the bar goers that dislike wearing a ton of clothing) – they are not shy with the AC in here … #BRINGACARDIGAN.

Disclaimer: I have yet to personally enjoy a real meal here – as the booze sort of usurps the limelight every single time – but I hear their Shepherd’s Pie is amazing!


In the mood for pub food (or want to see their beer list)?
Are they playing the game you want to watch?




Kinsale Tavern
1672 3rd Ave. New York, NY 10128
(212) 348-4370



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