UES Gems: Hummus Kitchen




This one is for the hummus lovers out there – I have been aching to eat here since moving to the UES and passing it on the way to get froyo at 16 Handles. (Only took me ~18 months or so to make that happen…….) I definitely deserved the rude awakening that met me at first bite: heaven in its creamiest form.

When I heard that Ale, my sister’s assistant coach at the Naval Academy – from here on out, my big sister – was coming to visit, dinner was a must!

We started with some sangria, a pinot noir from Israel, and ‘The Hummus Kitchen.’ A platter of comes out displaying four hummuses in such an aesthetically appealing way you aren’t sure you want to eat it and ruin the artistry. (Then you do and don’t even regret destroying food art. Not even a little bit.) It comes with four of their best hummus flavors: chickpea, tahini, mushroom, & the Egyptian (fava beans).

You can choose between white or whole wheat pita bread, which comes out warm and fluffy in the basket. Can I just say, YUM!? They are so full and chewy and the most perfect compliment to the wonderful hummus.

I know what you’re thinking. Two girls + bread + hummus platters = doggie bags. HELL NAH. We cleaned that platter … and then ordered “dinner.”

We opted for the Mezze Trio – where you can select 3 appetizers from a diverse list – for about 15$. Ale and I decided that the mediterranean chopped salad, stuffed grape leaves, and falafel.


The mediterranean chopped salad was a simple plate of chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and herbs, drizzled with an olive oil balsamic. Really light and a little tangy, and very delicious!


The stuffed grape leaves were also lovely. I’m not sure they were my favorite (they were a little on the sour side), but still quite edible.


If you’re into falafels, these are great! Very earthy and light on the inside, and perfectly crispy on the outside! The accompanying sauce was a tad too sweet/ mild for me, personally, but Ale liked it. A definitely must on your own visit 🙂


Hummus Kitchen
1613 2nd Ave. New York, NY 10028
(212) 988-0090

Hummus Kitchen also has other locations: Upper West Side, Murray Hill, and Hell’s Kitchen.


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