If you’re going to be a New Yorker, there are a few unwritten rules you should be aware of:

– Walk faster
– Taxis will run your pedestrian ass over
– Times Square should be avoided at all costs (unless you host out of town guests & must go, albeit begrudgingly)
– Drinks do cost an arm & a leg; sometimes fingers and toes included
– On the weekends, you brunch

As someone who fails to brunch on the regular (which we can blame on a few things: busy friends, no money), it’s really a treat when I get around to it. It’s also easier to pencil in festivities when you have visitors from out of town – especially if that visitor is your surrogate mama (read, my roommate’s).

Big fans of the infamous MUD truck – although it’s apparently no longer? Can anyone confirm this? – realizing that they had a cafe/coffee shop, it goes without saying. This is BEFORE we looked at the menu. I kid you not, I’m pretty sure whoever created the list of eats is me, without really being… me.

Sitting around in PJs on our iPads, Hils starts listing off their weekend offerings: huevos rancheros (my favorite breakfast food, ever) with a side of Sriracha, a lox plate, sourdough french toast (SOURDOUGH, ARE YOU KIDDING ME), or a blackened chicken sandwich…? She stops and stares at me.

I’m just staring back trying to scoop my jaw off the ground. Do these people know me, or do they know me…!?

No, but really. It’s as if the brunch menu was carefully crafted for my taste buds specifically. And I already know their coffee is fab. At this point I’m practically pulling on jeans to head downtown, as fast as the 6 train can transport us. If you cannot feel my excitement reading this, I am not doing a very good job at translating my emotions into words (despite shaking hands typing all of this out #sensememory).

Arriving relatively early (1145/ noon-ish) on a rainy Saturday morning, the wait was roughly 20 minutes or so. Not shabby whatsoever- there are a few trinket shops and boutiques nearby to keep wandering minds occupied.

Once seated within the cafe – think railroad apartment style floor plan – I realized how perfect eating here on a rainy day was. The ambiance is quite cozy; the back of our table against what looks like an old, unused fireplace. An eclectic array of framed artwork, candles, and knick knacks provide for an earthy, just-like-home feel.

So the ins & outs of MUD Spot brunch: for 16$ you can get your entree (ranging from my previous callouts to salads or eggs), coffee, and your choice of OJ, mimosa, or a bloody.


Weekend Brunch Menu

After vacillating between the core four – again, please refer to previous paragraphs – I settled on the huevos, coffee (black), and a mimosa. Mom & Cha ordered omelettes and Hils settled on scrambled eggs (with the whole coffee mimosa combo). Cha ended up getting a cortado – and to think I was unbelieving in MUD’s other caffeine offers. AKA it was delicious.

Despite the phenomenal coffee & highly anticipated menu, MUD Spot failed to fully deliver – still unclear if it’s because I had extremely high expectations, our waitress was a little spacey (read, our food took all of eternity to come out & wasn’t hot), or if the food really was just mediocre. My reaction to the huevos was simply meh… I still can’t get over how, uh, crunchy the rice was. (Someone tell me that’s not how it’s supposed to be…!)

Regardless, the ambiance, coffee, and sourdough french toast are enough to entice me to come back and give it a second chance. Food presentation isn’t half bad either!



Huevos Rancheros @ MUD Spot

Huevos Rancheros @ MUD Spot


Have you been to MUD Spot? Thoughts? Suggestions?




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