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Traveling to travel

Every holiday season – or every time I get on a plane for that matter – life gets a little extra hectic.

Did I pack all my chargers? Did I forget anything? I made a list… but what if I forgot to put something on the list!?

But the real culprit of travel anxiety: how do I get to the airport? For someone getting ready for the trip of her life, the answer to this question is starting to feel a sense of urgency.

It’s the same scenario, the same dilemma: Do I save money and drag my suitcase on the subway – I’m indecisive. I overpack. It’s a disease I’ve long come to terms with.) ? Will it break my wallet to take a cab? Which route has no tolls? …can I even get a cab right now? There’s SuperShuttle…but what if they don’t get me there in time??

City life just doesn’t – I guess in my case, hasn’t – allowed for the luxury of a car, or friends with cars. After spending, at minimum, 40 minutes trying to hail a cab to JFK last year and ending up dropping 86 something dollars BEFORE tip (and then having to pay a baggage fee because, well, refer to above paragraphs), I decided this year I had to be smarter.

You’d think booking a sharedshuttle car a month prior to departure is enough time… in this city? #rookiemove My options: 620AM or earlier for a 10AM flight. Read: waking up at 520AM or earlier for a 10AM flight. [insert unamused face, here]

For a 24 year-old, I think I can considered a fairly seasoned traveler – only you wouldn’t know it, would you!?

What do YOU do? Any suggestions for my next flight — that is, besides the obvious a) move; b) win the large sum & hire a personal driver; c) learn how to fly and/or travel by broomstick?



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