Forever Eyelash.


Disclaimer: Unclear if this is the shallow me speaking, or the self-conscious one.

In terms of physical beauty, I pine after two things: big, white teeth and long, full lashes – both of which I do not possess (maybe the white teeth but definitely not big). But whine, wish, and hope all I want, I am well aware I will never have big chompers #bornthisway

Lashes are a much easier goal to achieve. One word: mascara. Since I started wearing makeup – a concept and process that I genuinely adore about being female – mascara has always been my favorite tool. But like hair, you have good days and bad days, right? And WHY is it that one eye always looks more lush than the other? (Answer: because then life would just be too easy.)

As of late, my tube of waterproof DIORShow and I have been on a break as I’ve ventured into the falsie-sphere (read, lash extensions).

Let’s be clear, lash extensions are not cheap… ESPECIALLY when you’re in New York.

After Hils’ mom visited us in October and sported the most fab eye fringe I’ve ever seen, my intrigue was too strong to ignore. For months, I googled lash salons, trying to find the perfect combination of affordable and sanitary to no avail – as in, I couldn’t afford/justify the price any of the packages I found.

Then Lifebooker sent me a gift: 50% off ‘Glamour’ lashes + brow wax, with an additional 25% off all ‘loot’ – aka, I ended up purchasing a coupon for 90$ lashes for 30$!

Forever Eyelash is located on the 16th floor in a building off of 31st & 5th. Misha (Michelle?), the owner, is literally the sweetest little Korean woman in the world. She greets and sends you off you in the most genuine, motherly way, and the other girls are really friendly.

When you check in, Misha or one of the girls will take your coat and hang it up for you, put your purse/bags away, and set up your bed. All you need to do is toss your shoes off, climb up and get comfortable (read, set up your iPod) and fall asleep for 30-45 minutes (depending on how many lashes you’re getting and/or if it’s a new set/ refill).

Note: The first time I got them done, it was mildly uncomfortable, but I think it’s because the process was still new.

Now I’ve only ever gotten the ‘Glamour’ set – 70 lashes per eye – and can’t speak to the other packages, but I leave with a naturally lush wink every time. Since November, I’ve been a big believer in the extension life AND highly suggest you get yours done at Forever Eyelash too.


Forever Eyelash
303 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10016 16th Floor. Suite # 1615
212 – 679 – 4204



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