In a wink.

stripped_Hope this post finds you all in happiness & good health —

Call it the ‘resolution’ bug, an almost quarter-life crisis (is that even a thing?), or my personal need to scale back and revamp life goals, but the [now belated] start of 2015 felt like it was time to make some changes around here.

Cliche as it is, ever since my glorious trip to the UK & Ireland (& Gillette stadium everywhere since), my eyes have been seriously opened. The travel bug has yet to leave me alone – can you tell with all my bus rides and flights these days!? – as I prep for what should be the most epic Harry-Potter-themed way to ring in 25.

So, I thought, perhaps it’s prudent to expand my dreams, my goals, and this blog’s focus. Why limit myself to just New York?

* * * *

When I was trying to decide how to rebrand myself, I initially wanted ‘EYEWRITE.’ Simple, to the point, and obviously titled. Of course, that name is unavailable, and probably has been for some time. (Read, let’s bring out the thesaurus.)


Either taken, or just didn’t seem to fit. (EYENOTATE, xt? Really?)

I kept asking myself, what am I trying to do here? What is the point of writing this all down? Or sharing it?

To remember. The capture moments. Keepsakes. To keep moments. Memories. Moments.

Moment – (n) a very brief period of time.

In a moment. In a second. In an instant. In a wink. 

For those of you who don’t yet know, I’m very attached to my phone iPhone. I like staying connected at all times (#Millennial) and having this magic device in my hand allows me to do so.

So when I started this blog, I wanted that idea to come through – the ‘iINSERTNAMEHERE’ idea. EYENEWYORK was supposed to symbolize the blog’s purpose: to eye see New York and share it with all of you.

eyewinked_1In a wink.

Same blog, new focus. Less New York, more ‘big picture.’ A move towards personal/ expansiveness, but still chasing after that sun. To capture moments – to capture winks, if you will. Wink = moment. A little clever play on words. 😉

Happy New Year, and welcome back! Here’s to the winks to come!
Please let me reintroduce myself, welcome to EYEWINKED.


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