Background story below*

A HUGE THANK YOU, to the gallery staff for their patience & taking my photo!

Behind the Lens: An intimate look at the world of SUITS, via Patrick J. Adams.

PJA_4If you have yet to know the name Patrick J. Adams, please familiarize yourself ASAP. Currently one of the stars of USA Network’s SUITS, PJA plays Mike Ross – an exceptional intellectual with a memory that rivals technology of today. He finds himself working as an associate at [what was] Pearson-Hardman, a law firm, despite the fact that he has never attended law school. (Hopefully enough mystery to entice you, and force you to watch all the past seasons before S4 on Wednesday!)

Anyway, so what is he doing in New York? PJA spent the past few days meeting fans and showcasing some of his photographical genius from the past few years. As a die-hard fan* (see background story), I am very biased based on his acting talents.


However, finding out that he’s also a photo junkie on the side? Kill me now. His pop-up gallery features photography – that once started out on an iPhone, an iPhone – from 60 different episodes of the hit series. From cast, to crew, to the show’s creator, PJA’s purpose was to finally let those ‘behind the lens,’ a chance under the light.

PJA_3Meeting him happened all too quickly, but as always (can I say that now?), he was incredibly warm, patient, and definitely more handsome in person.

What is extra neat is that some of his stills are being auctioned for Pablove Shutterbugs, a program through the Pablove Foundation  that helps kids battling cancer find their creative voice through the art of photography. I cannot get over how amazing I think that is – when life throws you a difficult curveball, these kids are encouraged to see life in a new perspective – through lens, if you will. To bid on one of PJA’s photos, please click here. To bid on a photo and send it to yours truly, please click the previous link provided and visit my contact page 🙂


For those out of town, working, living in a different state, etc. the gallery was very simple and elegant. I arrived to the space around 1045AM and waited to enter for about an hour and a half. It was a pretty small room, fairly dark, but lit along the walls by blowup versions of PJA’s photographs. There was also a really neat wall with a sprinkle of smaller prints – I didn’t get a chance to take a picture, but check Insta or Twitter: #PJAGallery.

Some of his magnificent shots:

PJA_10 PJA_9 PJA_8 PJA_5

Thank you, Mr. Adams, for sharing your talents – multiple, multiple talents – with all of us. Thank you for your genuine appreciation for us FANgirlS. And, if it’s okay, I’d like to take a moment to tell you that the roomie & I are also madly in love with your and Troian Bellisario (ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars)’s love. We’re quite certain our friendship, like your love story, is fate – being a loyal and avid SUITS & PLL devotee, respectively, it was meant to be.

* * * *

The Background –

*In summer of 2010, I remember sitting in my ex-boyfriend’s house watching Burn Notice when USA Network hit us with another commercial (again?). ‘SUITS’ flashed in bright, robin’s egg blue across the screen every few minutes. Summer’s new hit show!

Like all first impressions, I think it is so key for new TV shows’ initial commercial series to really hit the nail on the head. Funny or witty/ clever, with just enough to entice but not enough to leave us wanting more. (Man…you’d think all my first dates would go a little better, eh?)

SUITS did just that. From the first episode, I fell in love. Absolutely head-first, can’t-stop-it in love. From the ferocity of the women, the GORGEOUS cast, to the quick, sharp banter, since S1E1: Pilot, there was no turning back from shiny shoes and skinny ties.

Lucky enough, I was still in college, and since SUITS takes place in NYC, I had access to some of the initial promotional events they held to ‘get the word out.’ In May 2012, I was one of the fortunate few to attend USA Network’s Upfront event and spent several hours SRSLY FANGRLING over the SUITS cast arrival. Even managed to snag a pic with the man of the hour! Take a look at us in May 2012, and again in January 2015, with our May ’12 selves 🙂




Did you get a chance to stop by the gallery? What’d you think!?



Insta, Twitter:
@halfadams | @sleepinthegardn | @Suits_USA


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