five til twenty-five.


I am absolutely in love with the month of February.

Yes, I read that BuzzFeed listYes, I understand it’s the dead of winter. Yes, yes, yes, I’ve heard it all: Valentine’s Day sucks. Why are there less days in this month? 

I mean, having your birthday in February definitely makes up for a lot. (Don’t you love your birthday!?) And having been born a few days before Valentine’s Day, I’m used to having no choice but to celebrate my birthday and the, eh, ‘holiday,’ all together.

Twenty-five years later, I EMBRACE this!

So what if it’s a Hallmark holiday – I will graciously accept every and all opportunities to celebrate pink, chocolate, hearts, glitter, and the chance to tell someone people everyone that I love & appreciate them.

We can get into the whole ‘love doesn’t have to mean romance’ conversation, but, let’s not. You know where I’m going with this. (It doesn’t have to mean romance. Get over it.)

In five days, I will finally say a timid ‘hello’ to 25: the big milestone since turning 21 and drinking yourself into oblivion because you can legally do so, and I am feeling a decent sort of apprehensive. Caught between ‘you should be an adult and have your shit figured out’ vs. ‘you’re only 25 – have fun before you can’t!,’ I think I can genuinely say I understand the quarter-century crisis.









* * *

Coming home from Christmas break, Hils and I found ourselves playing mom to this sweet face: Idgie_1

This is Idgie, and she single-handedly handed us our asses on a silver platter in the mere month she experienced New York City.

Serves me right: all those times I whined endlessly about wanting a man to fall in love with me, whisk me away and raise a family together. I was taught a REAL LIFE LESSON this past month: bbygrl is NOT ready to be mom – not to a human I created anyway. Not yet.

This is team ‘you’re only 25′ speaking.

Then I find myself snapping out of the standard gym, work, sleep, repeat routine and wondering what on earth am I doing? Where am I going? How do you pay a mortgage? Am I supposed to know that…? Why aren’t I in love!?

Team, ‘get your shit together,’ at the ready. 25 seems like a good age to have your shit together.

Mercury – or is it Jupiter – is currently in retrograde, and the past two weeks have been absolute hell. (Read: not my most favorite start to a February.) I’ve spent some time thinking about where I’ve been and where I’ve come from – whether that was by the forceful hand of the stars, it’s unclear – and, as a result, been hit with a few personal epiphanies.

I think I’m ready for the leap!

…That would have been much funnier if we had 29 days this year, wouldn’t it?

* * *

Dear xt,

As you hit the “big” (my parents are definitely laughing right now. I can hear you, mom.) two-five, here are my five wishes for you:

1. Give yourself the microphone. Stop trying so hard to keep the peace and say what you think! So what if no one agrees or argues with you? Say what you mean, and most definitely, mean what you say. Enough with overdoing in the gray area – it’s time for a little more color.

2. Be unapologetic about who you are. Do not be sorry for being a super, giant, slightly obsessed 1D fan. Do not be sorry for being sentimental. Do not be sorry for being a gym rat. Do not be sorry you like waking up early. Do not be sorry for that fourth bowl of ice cream. Do not be sorry for being unconventional. (Stay professional when necessary, but never be sorry for adding a little bit of you wherever you go.)

3. Read more. You’ve forgotten how to get lost the original way.

4. Stay driven, not jaded. You’ve come a long way, sister. There’s this thing that changes up your course of action (it’s called life), and that’s okay! You’ll get there eventually. You’ll get there, eventually. Until then, keep at it.

5. Leave that trail of glitter, everywhere. Stay positive and brighten days when you can. …Otherwise, sprinkle that crap everywhere on the h8rs.



3 thoughts on “five til twenty-five.

  1. To my love (in a romantic/non romantic kind of way) Christina/xt,

    It is almost your birthday, so as your ‘t-minus 5 days’ birthday gift – I am here to give you my first ever (and yes I mean ever ever!) blog post reply.

    Words literally can not describe 1. how much I LOVE YOU; 2. how much I appreciate you and all the times you have been there for me; 3. how grateful I am to have such an amazing friend like you (and the fact that you understand when I cancel on you to have a gym sesh); 4. how much I love your use of abbrevs (for any and every word imaginable – where they fit appropriately of course *aka work emails-HOLLA*); and 5. (only because I predetermined that there would be 5 but am now reevaluating because I have so many more things to say) how proud I am of you – not only for this letter to yourself (which I am seriously so so proud of you for *bestbelieveit*) but also for how much I feel you have grown in this past year (not only dem gains girl).

    I can not wait to celebrate your quarter of a century with you and look forward to celebrating many more!!!

    Love Love Love YOU!

    Happy Birh t-5 days!
    – j


  2. Good post, Christina! Happiest 25th birthday to you!! Capture life by its horns and make this next year the best yet. Rinse. Repeat. Each and every year. Hope to see ya around now that we’re both in NY!


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