Solidarity (with Starbucks).

Solidarity_1NEW YORK, NY.

Dedicated to Hannah, and to J & JM – my SBux fanatics.

I am a big believer in signs, and eh, sometimes in fate. Coincidence and irony tickle me – I like when different, seemingly uncorrelated people, places, and happenings just seem to make sense. Like when you finally find those two puzzle pieces that fit, when you swore they weren’t meant to be. I recently read a book, on recommendation, and will willingly sit down with you and point out how certain characters, scenes, and monologues line up perfectly with current events in my own life. As if I was meant to read it when I did. (I like to think that life gives me signs to help me figure out where to go. ‘Think’ clearly being the key word.)

We all know about my hate-love (in the right order) relationship with NYC; and sometimes, I think I have the same relationship with my Type A personality.  I’m having a hard time physically leaving the East Coast because it’s so welcoming, and extremely forgiving, to the Type A’s.

If you’re also A positive, you know that ‘negative’ qualities include stressing out over the little things. Half the time I recognize (too late, but I do eventually recognize) that whatever I’m stressing out on is self-inflicted. In other words, I worry about what other people think – how I’m perceived when I react – when things happen a certain way, or don’t. Then I realize…I’m a lot more self involved – even subconsciously – than I’d like to admit.

With the arrival of my quarter century, I’m making it a point to be less self-involved – especially for myself (oh, the irony).

* * *

If you’re currently based in the East Coast, you are probably still frozen and/or barely starting to thaw. And even when I complain as I climb into bed about the lack of heat in our apartment, I try to remember that I have a bed to climb into; try to remember that the walls around me retain some warmth.

When Drew came to visit last month, he brought some birthday gifts, including some money for the Lunar New Year (Happy Sheep Year!). During one of our city adventures, we stopped at a Starbucks so I could buy a few gift cards. I may not be able to control the heat in my apartment, or my office, or put roofs over everyone’s head – but I thought that I can start somewhere.

My latest adventure: Solidarity with Starbucks – a fancy title for finding the coldest, on the colder days and giving them a chance to buy a cup of coffee (or something fun to eat!).

I started this blog originally to immerse myself into NYC culture. While, as a whole, my vision has changed, the initial intent remains: to find solidarity among strangers within my home away from home. I’m hoping this paves some sort of path to creating community.



Updating Recipient List:

2/18, 6:42PM – Brooklyn Bridge City Hall 6 Train; crutches & amputated leg
2/23, 4:36PM – Capital One on 96th & 2nd; cane, cup of coffee & a black eye

3/4, 6:61 PM – 96th Street 6 Train; rain soaked
3/10, 8:58PM – N/Q/R; battered mother of two


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