Brindle Burger.

Brindle_3East Village, Manhattan.

For all you burger lovers out there (read: for those who enjoy an actually good burger, like Five Guys IN-N-OUT), if you find yourself in New York, please make sure to stop by the Brindle Room*.

A week or so ago, Cha and I were talking about the ‘last good meal we had,’ and concluded that we truly could not remember when that was. Last good meal meaning: 1) not self-prepared, 2) first bite is mildly orgasmic, and 3) you had to force yourself to eat slowly to enjoy every last bite.

– – –

Hils’ mom was staying with us over Fourth of July weekend and on her way to this coast, she was watching Food Network’s top burger joints in America, where ‘Sebastian’s Steakhouse Burger’ topped the charts at #2. Now, the second best burger in America…how could we say no?!?

Brindle_1The four of us sat down with four identical orders: Sebastian’s Steakhouse Burger, prepared with the chef’s recommendation (medium & American cheese). Okay so I may have broken protocol and asked for medium rare, but don’t hate a girl for embracing her carnivorous side.

Regardless of how ‘well’ our burgers were cooked, the meal ended with four happy tummies. Bun, burg, cheese, and caramelized onion combination was actually perfection. Not self-prepared, juicy first bite, and a slow, savory experience. But don’t let the burger steal the stage! Those fries – albeit a little under-salted – were pretty damn good too. Wash it down with a glass of Laguintas, and you’re all set! (Cha ordered a glass of the sangria. Verdict? Christmas in a glass. Order one of these too.)

And definitely don’t forget to try the house made hot sauce!


It sort of made us wonder, who has really ordered anything else off this menu?

To top off a truly lovely meal, you even get a complimentary plate of salted caramel donuts! We ended waiting a solid 25 minutes for these, BUT we were the first table of customers for the dinner session, so they came really, really fresh. Not half bad! And this is coming from someone who doesn’t like salted caramel.


*Note: Despite the gastropub’s really cool vibe, the Brindle Room is quite small – highly suggest that you make reservations.


Brindle Room
277 E. 10th Street, NY, New York 10009
(212) 529.9702




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