Being Adults vs. Being Audrey

New York.

Okay, maybe not the best title, but hear me out. This girl is worth all eyes & ears:

It is mildly poetic that today is the day my best friend Audrey is celebrating her 25th.

When I met Auds in 2006, i was one of those kids: far too desperate to grow up. From sneaking makeup, to swearing when I wasn’t home, to playing it cool, or at least overcompensating enough so people wouldn’t know what a fat softie I actually am; I tried all the tricks in the book. Auds, on the other hand, was – and still is – unapologetic about who she is.

And who might she be?

She’ll be the first person to come up with “lets find the ugliest dresses for each other to try on & take photos” game:


She’ll be the first to buy wings with you at your first Pride Parade in San Francisco:


Or you know, the girl who won’t smile when the rest of us are saying cheese:




She is the epitome is positivity and silliness. I have never met a human being who is so entirely comfortable with laughing at herself. It doesn’t matter how stressed I am with school, work, boys, life. She is but a phone call away with a laugh and a sunny outlook.

School? “You’re smart. You’ll figure it out, don’t worry!”

Work? “Eh, at least you’re getting paid.”

Boys? “Fuck ’em. Find a man. Like Liam Hemsworth. Or Matt Damon. Chris Pratt. OOOO I LOVE Chris Pratt. He’s mine, you can’t have him.”

Or if all else fails, we go to Plan A: re-reading Harry Potter; or Plan B: One Direction on rihpeat.

– – –

Typically, this kind of pure, naive optimism stays glued to your past; to your free flying childhood. At least it does among New Yorkers. Not this girl. Sure, adulthood is but hibernating wrinkles, but her feistiness and unconditional friendship remain straight fire. As we traded high school for heels and hurricanes, this girl has done all she could to remind me to stay young at heart.

Also poetic that Once Upon A Time – we’re series fanatics – returns tonight for season 5? 737295_4644712269886_256513452_o

– – –

So of course, today of all days, in lieu of tickets to Elsie Fest (Aaron, Darren, & Laura – can’t wait to relive your vocal talent via YouTube tomorrow), Hils and I stayed home and took care of some business. In no particular order, ‘Football Sunday’ became ‘Errand Sunday’ – read: gym, dog park outing, weekly meal prep, sweeping & dusting, donating clothes, banana bread bake sesh & building another bench for our deck.

Oh, and football too. 51-17? That’s what I’m talking ‘BOUT.

As we hauled recycled Trader Joe’s bags filled with months’ worth of accumulated clothes to the elevator, Hils looks at me and we share a moment of silent, mutual exhaustion. “I don’t get why everyone’s in such a hurry to grow up. Being an adult is HARD.”

And to think, we didn’t even do laundry and have a few days before rent is due.

I think if I had a choice, I’d choose #TeamAuds over being an adult.

I mean, sure, we grew up.


February 2015; Wizarding World

…or did we?

Happy Birthday, love.



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