Giving thanks.


In the midst of an incredibly hectic, soul sucking and shitty Q4, I sat on the train to Bergen County pretty angry. Angry for working 8+ hours on the half day before Thanksgiving. Angry that my SoCal family are all reunited without me this year. Angry at cancelled public transit when I had to be traveling. Angry at the human population for being in my way. Because move.

Angry that I had any energy left to even be this angry!

Then I realized how quiet my car was, with most already having gotten off at prior stops. Then it hit me: it’s that time of year when you (or, I, in this case) remember that tomorrow is about thanks and not turkey.

It’s about the mashed potatoes.

Am I right or AMIRIGHT?

No, but really. 2015 has been one HELL of a year and I truly have much, much to be thankful for. Shall we?

1. For all the new friends I have made…from Super Bowl Sunday to summer races; from Miami to Connecticut; from blurring the line even more so and being able to call my coworkers friends – not just colleagues.
2. For the friends I have kept & kept in touch with, despite the miles/ continents, time zones, crazy schedules and phone tag. For friends I see daily. For getting to be roommates with my best friend for 8 years.
3. For getting to ring in 25 by experiencing the Wizarding World. Let me reiterate: for getting to ring in 25…by experiencing the Wizarding World.
4. For losing my shit in the best way possible way, right in front of the stage at the Zac Brown concert.
5. For having East coast families – from SI to NJ to MA – that welcome me into not only their homes, but their families, during holidays I can’t fly home for.
6. For doing my first (mini, abbreviated) road trip with my best friend to drop her off at her first job post-grad school.
7. For discovering new family members, and feeling their love as soon as we were introduced.
8. For the epic, all-girls cruise vacation and all the “free” drinks that came with it.
9. For PR’ing my favorite race – SUB 0:50!

And as always, we save the best for last.

10. For my family, my rock and foundation – for every ounce of love that is shown & felt, regardless of state, country or continent. I give thanks for you every day, but especially today. For my mom always calling me to see if there are any other men in my life (sorry mom, no). For every time I get to talk to my sister on the phone. For my dad buying the NFL channel just so I can watch my boys when I’m home. For my brother who isn’t afraid to sign off “I love you” every time we hang up. Love you more than words can ever express


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