Agile flutter.



“Some birds are not meant to be caged. Their feathers are too bright, their songs too sweet and wild.” – Stephen King

Perfection has always been my end goal; underperforming was not an option. I dislike instability, being caught off guard, and losing control; one of my better and worse qualities. While ambitiousness and a competitive mindset often lead to success, it will also come at a hefty price of high stress and tension.

2015 was full of success, particularly among my fitness goals, but I paid for these successes with a hard learned a lesson of ‘moderation is key.’ Too much, too fast, and trying too hard to keep control over my body’s natural physical capabilities – I was holding myself in a chokehold. Even in recovery, I still have a hard time listening to my legs when they tell me they’re not yet ready to run.

* * *

When you think about it, we are all brands. We are all individuals trying to distinguish ourselves from the person standing next to us.

Instead of expressing who I am, I spend a lot of time branding myself in a way that isn’t controversial; in a way that will not ‘rock the boat,’ so to speak. I keep opposing opinions to myself (or I share them with people who I know will agree with me or let me speak freely). I have a hard time defending my own decisions when questioned.

It often makes me wonder if anyone knows who I really am, or if I even know myself. Thus,

In 2016, I resolve to liberate myself; to learn the freedom of being able to express my thoughts & opinions without fear of rebuttal; to not be afraid to feel; to let go of ultimate control; to spread my wings and go with the flow; to learn adaptation; to be an agile brand.

To another year of winks, I raise my type-ready hands to you.

Happy New Year!



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