Friday Five

Friday Five: Vol. 1



“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light.” 
– Albus Dumbledore

One of the hardest lessons New York has taught me was overcoming loneliness. To be happy in the company of myself was a lesson that kept me from being happy in my second home; a lesson I finally learned, oddly enough, in Europe.

I think you can only be happy if you truly honor the little moments that make you happy – no matter how insignificant they seem.

I’m unsurprisingly terrible at this.

Take, for instance: in Ireland, I may have spent a week in solitude, but I did so in one of the most beautiful countries that some only ever dream of visiting. #perspective

So I’m starting a new series. Friday Five – five moments in the past week that, no matter how seemingly small or inconsequential, gave me a small ounce of happiness. A new meaning to TGIF, if you will.

  1. Realizing, again, that I have a mom who drives me absolutely insane because she loves me too much to “just forget it.” Not sure where I would be if she wasn’t there to pick up every happy or desperate phone call.
  2. Getting to see nearly all of my best friends over the weekend – best friends that are willing to brave the coldest night NYC has had all winter to celebrate my birthday. I forget how incredibly amazing my [transplant] East Coast family is. California sure knows how to make them.
  3. Making new friends over drinks & a little dancing!
  4. The face of an older gentleman after buying him a box of his favorite childhood cereal because he couldn’t remember the last time he had something to eat.
  5. Experiencing the most fun Valentine’s day I’ve had since that time my 8th grade crush showed up to my door with roses and my parents almost fainted. There weren’t any pink heart shaped balloons, but mint chip gets a girl every. time.




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