Getting lowkey in Oki.


I can’t lie, the idea of 20 hours of travel sounds pretty terrible. The last time I traveled anywhere that long was a 14-hour flight to Vietnam and as a 7, 8, and 13-year old, it was pretty frickin’ miserable. It doesn’t even matter that it’s been over a decade since the last experience – it’s left a lasting impression.

“Remember those EVA flights? It’s not like that anymore! It’s way more comfortable and the food is actually pretty good!” Well alright, sis. Whatever you say. (Read: I continued to look up flights on Western airlines.)

Should’ve remembered that when it comes to international travel, Stef knows best!

20-odd hours later on ANA Airlines and my perspective on Asian airlines – despite how I usually feel – has done a complete 180. Talk about epic customer service, whiskey, and…decent food (lol). The four movies I watched helped too. And maybe that bag of Sour Patch kids from Hudson News.

Tangent: Mother’s Day (A); Burnt (B-); Captain America: Winter Soldier (A); Demolition (no).

* * *

All those days I spend (seriously) hating on tourists in NYC, homegirl showed no shame playing one all over Okinawa. From running with Stef along the water, brunching in little bistros, exploring ancient palaces, and SHOPPING with my sister and mom, it’s been quite the trip so far! And no, I did not pack a selfie stick. #notsorry

It’s been quite the reality check these past few days too; being reminded that at one point in my life, I wasn’t even close to being on speaking terms with either my mom or my sister. And not for months, but years. To be able to laugh, gang up on mom when she’s being mom, planning sis’s wedding, and attempting to read Japanese together thousands of mikes away from home? Quite the blessing doesn’t even cut it a little bit.

Thankful for this life I live, and for family – the one I know and the one I’ve gained out here. While I am itching for No. 10, I hope these next few days roll along slowly.

So let’s break it down in pictures.

The across-the-street ocean view:

The brunching:

The exploring:

The shopping:

More to come, you ask? Hai!


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