A moment of thanks.


I’m currently a couch potato. Trot has been run, turkeys in the oven, football on TV, and snow is covering the ground outside. Thanksgiving seems to have creeped up on us, and even in the midst of a wonderful family it feels like we’re welcoming it with weariness. It’s been a long year and a long month.

But then I’m sitting here thinking, if I had to personally sum up 2016 in one word, busyenergeticdynamic….and stressful come to mind. I feel like I’ve been the opposite of a couch potato and just constantly moving – around the neighborhood, the state, the country, the world… But when I take a moment to chill out digest, I just want to write #blessed everywhere I can get my hands on! Taking a moment to reflect on even the smallest blessings for their massive impact. Here goes.


Flying to Okinawa to visit my sister and brother-in-law. Let me echo the countless others who have traveled before me: Japan is the ISH. Literally the cutest country ever with the coolest coffee vending machines, EVER. Could have done without the pouring rain the entire four days mom and I were there, but still flipping through all my pictures on a daily basis hoping I’ll be transported back instantly. Having to work with limited vacation days from starting a new job and limited funds from having just moved (damn apartment fees…), fitting one hell of a trip for one hell of a plane ticket price = thankful. Just wish I had packed more salt cookies home.

Celebrating 8 “I do’s” all over the country. Getting to watch my cousins and newfound friends celebrate love and tie the knot is truly the most heartwarming experience – all cheesy puns intended. I love love and couldn’t be happier for all of you! To a lifetime and beyond of happiness, commitment and adoration.

unnamed 5.jpg

Never having to give up the ship because my little brother is ALSO going to the Naval Academy! Ever since I dropped my sister off at her I-Day in 2009, there has been a special bond between myself and Annapolis – a place that helped give Stef confidence, strength, and helped resurrect my relationship with her. To get to watch my brother grow in the same environment with the same support, resources and Navy family is truly humbling to this big sis.

unnamed 6.jpg

Watching a cancer survivor run Komen and getting to complete the run with her. This year alone has been an endurance run in itself. Thankful that we are friends and to have a constant reminder that a positive attitude will solve anything.


Strengthening old friendships while gaining a whole buncha new ones! I get to see some of my best girlfriends in the world, on average, once a year. School, work, and being three to five thousand miles away kind of makes reunions a tiny bit difficult. But when we do get to reconnect, I am deeply, deeply grateful that we crossed paths during the most awkward years of our lives. Don’t get me wrong – we are still wonderfully awkward together, but now we can legally drink wine and laugh at ourselves. To my new friends and In-SPEAR-ationally-Brown-upstate families, thank you so much for welcoming me into yours.

unnamed (2).jpg

Watching Super Bowl 50 in the Bay Area (while in the Bay Area). My boys didn’t get the memo, but I did leave with limited edition gold, glittery shoes! :: insert praise hands here ::


Enjoying a Breezy summer singing Taylor Swift and cracking beers.

Meeting my cyber-cousin in real life and being two peas in a pod. Life has truly #blessed me with the coolest, most thoughtful and hysterical family. Seriously wish I had taken notes on how to dress up for events!

unnamed (16).jpgBecoming a yellow fellow. Despite the rough transition, 2015 told me I needed a change. Thankful that said wish was heard loud and clear. They never said growing up was easy.

Finding bliss in the most sentimental, cliche,’it all fell into place’ love story and not being one bit sorry about it. From our first beer, to our first football game, to waking up in our first apartment together – I don’t think I could have asked this to be written any better. Thanks to you, I completed my first race today in over a year! While it’s only been a little while, to say I’m excited to pen the rest of this with you is an understatement you will never comprehend.

But most importantly, my East Coast family. To have you on the other coast I call home is undeserved, humbling, and a true blessing. Without you, I could not be the “lady” I am today – thank you for getting me through the worsts and helping me celebrate the bests all these years. Love you guys xx

And in a category all in their own: thankful for my Family – my wonderful, wonderful family that teaches me to stand up for what you believe in, no matter what. My family that loves, supports, and encourages me from California, Texas, Japan, Boston, Chicago, and Vietnam. But especially my mom and dad – the most selfless, generous people I will ever know – for continuing to take care of their little girl (even when she’s closer to 30 than 20).



Happy Thanksgiving! xx


One thought on “A moment of thanks.

  1. Thank you our Titi for another wonderful piece of writing…Mom and Dad are thankful for all the special people con have come to meet and be friended. And on this Thanksgiving Day, a very special thank you to Joe and his family!


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