Friday Five

Friday Five: Vol. 43



“Most people would rather be certain they’re miserable, than risk being happy.”
– Dr. Robert Anthony

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I don’t think the featured quote could be any more reflective of this past week. It’s been quite the emotional roller coaster – so much easier to digest the unfavorable instead of challenging the situation with a more positive outlook. But while ‘fake it ’til you make it’ is my personal mantra, sometimes I get caught worrying ‘what if I never make it?‘ because the unknown is unstable and I’m not always willing to take the risk.

So taking a moment to really honor little moments over the past seven days – because while the running around has been a little stressful, it’s been a privilege to have friends like I do to share the holiday season with! And to you, who has been standing by my side all year – thank you for breaking my habit of going for the douche stereotype and for loving me like you do.

  1. A quick Christmas celebration with some Browns! We hear wedding bells in 2017 and couldn’t be more excited!! And leaving PA with a wreath in our trunk? #YAAS
  2. Spending my first Syracuse basketball game wanting so badly to be squeeze Otto.
  3. Megan Hilty KILLIN’ IT on stage – complete with a mini Christmas tree, duet with her hubby, and cutest baby bump. Thank you for sharing your talent with us year after year.
  4. Winding down the year with my new team at literally the fanciest restaurant I’ve ever been to. While transitioning here has been is hard, I am glad to be part of this mini family.
  5. Despite the hiccup, getting to see my BuzzBack family for a few minutes. I may not miss the work but cannot (keep) reiterating how much I miss all of you every day I show up to work.

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