Friday Five

Friday Five: Vol. 51


the penultimate volume.

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“Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you.”
– Mary Lou Retton

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HAPPY FEBRUARY EVERYONE! I may be am totally biased, but everything about this month makes me happy: the Super Bowl, celebrating all kinds of love on Valentine’s Day, everything is pink and no one can complain about heart shaped sprinkles on all baked goods, and the birthday. I even eat the heart-shaped, whipped cream filled donut from Dunkin’ when I don’t even like their donuts…but I’m weak to the heart shape and pink frosting. And if that doesn’t convince you of my adoration for month two, maybe knowing how much my empty(er) bank account on February 15th due to V-Day sales will. Red: very empty. #PINKGLITTEREVERYWHERE

But until I get to spend one last boozy Sunday with my boys, happy moments this past week include —


  1. A positive, encouraging email from your manager on a Saturday AM to let you know you’re still on the right path.
  2. Our first trip with Pepe for a litle birthday brunching on Long Island with college girlfriends (+1)!
  3. Spending several hours getting lost in a paperie, gathering intel for my sister’s wedding invitations (and other secret creative projects)! You wouldn’t believe how happy paper, pens, and stickers can make a girl.
  4. A surprise birthday gift from a most beloved cousin from a favorite brand! AND it matches things I already own. #perfection
  5. An impromptu weeknight outing. I am swimming against the current today. I also regret nothing.

I can’t believe it’s been an entire year writing these posts every Friday. Thanks for sticking with me and my fluff all year long. Cheers to notating five more happy moments and HAPPY SUPER BOWL WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #GOPATS



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