chrihanna, herculass, exxxteee.

Christina; 25; UES. Known to my nearest & dearest as xt.

1176254_10201050855687645_2110897632_nA [ rather tiny ] NorCal transplant in New York City, I am still a West Coast girl at heart. As much as Times Square in the wee hours of the morning or a snow white Central Park moves me to no end, I can’t help but miss being a mermaid the constant temperature of 65 degrees and close proximity to family and the beach … authentic Mexican & Vietnamese food … the lack of humidity … being able to control how I transport myself from A to B. However, at 18 I was chock full of dreams, so I decided it was time for change. Where better to seek adventure than the city to chase after the sun?

I moved across the country in 2008 to study Corporate Communications and play tennis at Manhattan College (Riverdale, NY). After graduating cum laude in 2012, my best friend and I prepared ourselves to hack it out in the Big Apple. (I think we’re doing pretty well so far!)

In addition to my billion and one dreams, I also have a lot of loves.

First and foremost, I am a Harry Potter junkie with every fiber of my being. Think I’m crazy? I wrote my college essay about it – “it” being my obsession, respect, and pure love & devotion. I’m sure it’s not surprising, but as a girl I was very shy and very quiet. I was extremely content with playing the part of wallflower. It wasn’t until the fifth grade when my very good friend Evan came to class and told me that I HAD to read this book. Right. Because a boy who lives under the staircase with his callous relatives sounds like such the bedtime story. Long story short, I’ve now met J.K. Rowling (it was the best day of my life) and wear HP-related ink.

IMG_9102I am also a big fitness buff and health-nut. I like to think I’m relentless when it comes to waking up every morning at 6 to break a sweat; you can find me in Central Park or at Crunch 54th. Being tiny – and quiet for a good part of my life – it’s easy to feel vulnerable. I started taking my health/ workouts very seriously right before I graduated college and work on being as disciplined as possible when it comes to taking care of myself. Not only does it help me feel stronger (and less vulnerable), it has forced me to learn how to respect my body and all that it does for me. All the time and effort I’ve put into this lifestyle change has enabled me to see ‘health,’ in a new light; so much so that I’m now looking to immerse myself in the field.

Food is delicious, and I’d like to think that I can call myself a foodie. SoCal Mexican food!? Come at ya girl. There is nothing better than a fat, gooey plate of Huevos Rancheros. Except maybe mom’s cooking – because Vietnamese food is a really close second. Actually, I’m lying. There’s no way those two aren’t tied for first! I like going out and trying new eats, and will hopefully be able to share several amazing places with you!

Despite the muscles, I am without a doubt the artsy-fartsy type.

To combine the two previous, I love, love, love to cook. I especially enjoy being able to be creative in the kitchen. Ever since I’ve changed my lifestyle and started to live and eat healthier, I find much joy in taking my favorite recipes and coming up with its waist-benefitting sister (think: pancakes, cookies, and froyo).

I have a not-so-secret infatuation with instagram, the iPhone, and photography, also known as iPhotography. Following suit, my attention is usually captured by beautifully created dishes, the sunrise, and memories. All photos I post will be via iPhone.

I am extremely blessed with an amazing ginormous family.


When college came around, I was desperate to get away. I have lived my entire life in the Bay Area and I was getting fed up. In the middle of my rebellious stage, I left my family on poor terms. My dad was trying to teach me lessons I didn’t want to learn. Ironically, my mom and I are too similar so we never saw eye-to-eye. I wasn’t even on speaking terms with my sister. Several trying years later, I was exhausted. I had finally – although on my own terms – learned all the lessons I was supposed to, and started to mend the relationships I had personally broken. It wasn’t until a very drunk Christmas break with my extended family that I saw everything I had kept out. (I suppose an exorbitant amount of wine will do that to you…) It sounds cliche, but I swear my life on it, every day since then I have been reminded over and over how truly, truly blessed I am.

Other fun facts: I idolize Rihanna. Disregarding Mexican/Vietnamese, my favorite food is cereal, which means my favorite meal is breakfast. I am unabashedly open about my fangirl love for One Direction. I have lusted after bright red hair since I can remember (thaaaank you, Ariel), which basically means I am not a secret ninja, but instead a not-so-secret mermaid.



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